Do bananas cause constipation? Here’s the lowdown on this question as well as insights on the other foods that cause constipation.

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Foods That Cause Constipation: What to Avoid?

1. Red Meat

Eating red meat gives you that full feeling. The crammed-full sensation will also go down to your gut and form into tough waste matter.

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Balance your meal with salads loaded with leafy protein to avoid constipation from a meaty diet.

2. Dairy

When we see dairy, we think of how sticky all the cream can be in these products and how it might affect our digestion. The low-fiber but high-fat quality of dairy works by coalescing stuff and binding them together in your large intestine.

You’ll have to eat more vegetables to counteract what ice cream can do.

3. Gum

If a kid or someone you know has a nasty habit of chewing gum and swallowing, warn them about the blockage they’re forming inside their digestive tract. Things may stick into the gum and form a solid block keeping waste from exiting the system.

4. Gluten

Gluten is pretty safe for consumption, but some people have allergies and sensitivities to it. If you have celiac disease or gluten makes you feel weird, avoid eating it since it may be causing problems to your digestive tract.

5. White Rice

white rice on the table | Do Bananas Cause Constipation | Foods To Avoid For Relief | do bananas cause constipation | foods that cause constipation
When it comes to rice, go for brown rice since it helps with digestion.

Millers remove the bran, husk, and germ of rice grains to make white rice. It’s a pity since these parts you find in brown rice contain all the fiber that helps with digestion.

What you have in white rice is pure, unadulterated carbohydrates.

6. Chips

People can eat fiber-rich foods instead of chips but chips have become the de-facto go-to carbs for most consumers. The issue with chips is since they’re high-fat, they can prevent the digestive system from working efficiently, resulting in constipation.

Chips also contain a lot of sodium which absorbs water, making stools hard. You’ll have a hard time in the bathroom because of this.

7. Caffeine

You can consider coffee as one of the foods that make you poop.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, meaning it will make people flush out water from their systems faster. Just imagine if you’re already dehydrated and you only drink coffee.

Yes, you’ll suffer from constipation.

8. Cookies

Cookies, cakes, and other pastries contain no fiber, are all carbs, and possess no liquid. This is why they’re also part of the foods that cause constipation.

You’re better off chewing fruit if you’re having a sugar craving than your chocolate chip cookie.

9. Frozen Dinner

The problem with frozen dinners, aside from having very few nutritional benefits is they contain high-fat and high-sodium. It’s a surefire combo for a blocked feeling in the toilet.

10. Processed Food

close up photo of chips on wicker bowl | Do Bananas Cause Constipation | Foods To Avoid For Relief | do bananas cause constipation | natural laxative
Processed foods don’t help with constipation at all.

Much like frozen dinners, processed food contains no health benefits to the body. They also possess high amounts of refined carbohydrates or starch.

Processed food can slow your digestion and keep you lingering in the toilet.

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11. Bananas

If you’re scratching your head and asking “are bananas bad for you,” here’s the score.

Bananas can be both natural laxatives and foods for constipation. Their ability as a natural constipation relief or digestive blockage largely shows in their color and ripeness.

When the banana is green or unripe, it possesses high amounts of starch, which cancels out the fruit’s ability to relieve constipation. The banana fiber in yellow bananas, on the other hand, helps you release bowels easier.

12. Persimmons

The more astringent the persimmon is, the higher the chances the pulpy fruit can cause constipation. You should look for the sweeter variety, which does not give you problems with your bowel movement.

13. White Bread

Starch makes up white bread which absorbs water and therefore, causes constipation by draining it from the waste inside your big intestine. You should minimize eating this staple and hydrate whenever possible to keep your bowel movements efficient.

14. Fried Food

The fat and the grease from fried chicken, fries, and burgers will delay digestion, making food slog through the process, and accumulate into a mass. You can expect a hard time in the bathroom if you’ve gorged on deep-fried foods.

15. Chocolate

dark chocolate on wooden background | Do Bananas Cause Constipation | Foods To Avoid For Relief | do bananas cause constipation | foods that make you poop
Stay away from chocolates if you’re having problems with bowel movement.

Unfortunately, like all the high-fat foods in this list, chocolate also possesses the ability to slow down digestion. This happens because high-fat foods make stomach muscles contract slower, giving ample time for food to bunch up inside the big intestine.

16. Supplements

Certain supplements like calcium and iron may cause constipation. In case your doctor writes you up a prescription to boost your blood supply against anemia or to prevent osteoporosis, remember to include vegetables and to hydrate often.

Eating fiber-rich food and drinking water often provides natural constipation relief.

17. Alcohol

Alcohol can also slow your digestion and cause constipation. Other reasons why alcohol leads to blockage also involves its ability to cause irritable bowel syndrome.

Aside from getting a few beers or glasses of wine, it’s best to hydrate often, and drinking sports drinks help you prevent constipation in case you’re drinking hard.

18. Processed Bologna and Prosciutto

It’s not just the cheese in your wine platter that will give you problems in the crapper later. It’s also the processed meats like the bologna or prosciutto slices that are also the culprits.

These products contain nitrates which may play a part in a blocked digestive system.

19. Eggs

When you look at an egg, you’re looking at something that’s mostly protein and no fiber. It’s the lack of fiber that leads directly to constipation.

Your best bet when eating eggs is to eat it with vegetables. You can add an egg to your Caesar’s salad or add it as a topping to your potato salad.

We hope we’ve answered your question: do bananas cause constipation? It’s vital to understand how these foods might contribute to constipation like high-fat or starch to avoid frustrating moments in the toilet.

What do you do when you suffer from constipation? How do you relieve it naturally? Give us your answers in the comments section below.

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