A local doctor has developed a new probiotic aimed at adding fungi to inside your body.

CLEVELAND — For the longest time, the idea of adding bacteria to your body seemed like a bad idea.

Then, research showed there was such a thing as “good bacteria,” and many started taking probiotics every day.

It was true for bacteria, but what about fungus?

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum has been studying fungus for more than 40 years, or as he likes to say, he’s the “Fun-guy.”

Currently, a professor and the Director of the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Dr. Ghannoum has written six books and published hundreds of articles on fungi. He’s won numerous awards and lectures on the topic all over the world. So, it should come as no surprise that he is the one who uncovered what he believes is a landmark discovery.

“In our studies, we noticed that when bacteria and fungi come together they form what we call digestive plaque. It’s like you have plague in your teeth, but now it’s in your gut,” says Ghannoum.

They also found that fungus in the gut is just as important as bacteria in the gut, and the two work together.

He used his culture collection of more than 50,000 types of fungi to help develop a new kind of probiotic that contains both good bacteria and good fungi to fight digestive plaque and balance the gut.

He got together with his son, who is an entrepreneur, and launched the new gut buster within six months of conception. All they needed was a name.

“‘Bio,’ has to do with the biology and because I practice a little bit of yoga, I said ‘Ohm.’ We thought ‘Biohm’ is a catchy word that encapsulates both the medical side as well as the relaxing side.”

The response has been great, with orders coming in from coast to coast. They even began doing gut reports, where people send in stool samples for the lab to see what sort of bacteria and fungi are in that person’s gut.

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